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The Possibilities Are Endless!

Welcome to Seacoast Astrological

Advisory Services 

Your Trusted Astrology and Life Experts

If you are caught up or stuck between making big life decisions, asking for help or advice is never wrong. While some think that this is a sign of a weak character, it is actually wise to listen to someone other than our own. So, if you need guidance, we are here for you.

Seacoast Astrological Advisory Services offers practical life solutions using a comprehensive study of astrological charts, life events, and other essential factors. We pride ourselves in providing realistic, feasible, and timely advice to our clients. The scope of our services includes all areas of life. The sky is the limit!

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the influence the Sun, moon and planets have on your life. These energies are unique to each person based on the exact date, time and place they were born and the rotation cycles.

The zodiac used in astrology is closely related to the astronomical zodiac but is slightly different. Astrologer use the zodiac based on the seasonal changes. The two are very closely related but not exact. Your birth chart is a snapshot from earth of the planets and luminaries at the exact time you were born.

The planets are constantly in motion and will interact with the energies you were born with (your birth chart). It’s as if you own the sky on your birthday.

As the planets rotate they will interact with the energies you were born with and allow astrologers to see how the energy of these planetary energies interact with the energies you have in your birth chart.

Astrology has been used for over 2000 years as evidenced by Astrologer Rob Hand’s research project ‘Project Hindsight’ where the oldest astrological texts date back to ancient civilizations around the globe.

Today, astrology is used by people of all walks of life—not just King, Queens, Presidents and the wealthy. It is available for you to use for planning and strategic life decisions.

What You Can Expect From Astrological Advisory Services

You have choices. You can ask us for an overall look at your personal birth chart. You can receive a consultation regarding a specific challenge for event in your life. Here are some examples of questions we’ve been able to assist others with:

Business and Financial Planning

  • Is it a good time to Buy or Sell a House?
  • Are finances going to better?
  • What are the conditions for business and making money?
  • What is the best day to start or leave a job?
  • When will job prospects improve
  • What are the most fulfilling career options in the chart?
  • Hiring a new employee? Look at their chart first.
  • Timing for Court Cases —What are the likelihood of winning
  • Partnership Decisions —Will the partner be trustworthy and prosperous?

Personal Planning

  • Relationships—Is this person a good fit
  • When will I have a new romantic relationship?
  • Why is life so challenging now? When will things change?
  • What does the chart say about money in my life?
  • Will I ever be successful?
  • What is my life purpose?
  • What talents are reflected in my chart?
  • Is this the right person to marry? Is it time for marriage?
  • Why is this person being such a jerk?

Schedule an Appointment

Make an online appointment with us today! While we are physically based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, our services are available across the globe for anyone who seeks advice about anything under the sun: life, career, love, and more!

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