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When Feeling Lost, Look Up to Heaven

Let the Heavens Guide You Towards Your Future

Astrology is Not Fortune Telling

Prior to an astrological consultation, you will be asked for your Birth Date, Place of Birth, Exact Birth Time which can sometimes be found on your birth certificate or be asking for your birth record at the hospital in which you were born. The more exact the time is, the more accurate your advice will be.

Once we have the specifics of your birth, you will need to provide us with the purpose of the consultation. After we understand your reason for contacting us, we will go to work researching and preparing for the consultation. The consultation will last approximately one hour for each session you have with us. You can book the appointment for a phone call or Skype.  

Smooth Sailing

Use astrology to dodge the storms and keep your life on course. Like JP Morgan said, “Millionaires don’t use astrologers. Billionaires do.” Stay ahead of the pack and use astrology to have a World Cup Life. Use it to help navigate your relationships, finances, work, family life, health and all the big moves in your life.


Astrological Consultation: $300

Tarot Reading $35- -20 minutes

Book in three (3) easy steps

Step 3A

Step 3B

We accept Crypto Currencies, Gold and Silver. 

To know more, please send us an email at


We accept Crypto Currencies, Gold and Silver. 

To know more, please send us an email at

We have added Tarot consultations to our service offerings!

Tarot -$35 per session - each session is 20 minutes

You can purchase Tarot time in 20 minute increments. After you pay for the reading via Paypal, we will email you to ask for your preferred time and make arrangements. Please keep in mind, this process is not automated. Please give us 24 hours to respond. Please email us at if you don’t hear from us or you have questions about how the reading with be conducted.

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